Quinoa Salad with sweet potato, goats cheese and rocket


A delicious gluten free salad that utilises the high protein and amino acid rich seed that is Quinoa. All ingredients can be found in store.

Why are amino acids important? They help combat depression, insomnia, steady metabolism and fight infections


- 1 cup of Quinoa. We recommend Australian grown

- 1 medium size sweet potato, cut into 1 inch square cubes

- Generous bunch of parsley, roughly chopped

- Handful of currants

- Couple of handfuls of rocket

- 150gr Goats cheese. We recommend Meredith dairy chevre

- 2tbs Olive oil

- 4tbs Lemon Juice

- Salt and pepper

- Roasted or dry fried almonds (optional)


- Roast sweet pototo in the oven with a small lug of oil for about 30mins at 180 Celsius.

- Wash Quinoa very thoroughly (about 4 times) and then cook in a saucepan (lid on) with 2 cups of water for approx 20-30mins or until water has been absorbed. 

- Once the Quinoa has cooled slightly add all ingredients to a big salad bowl, season with salt and pepper and scatter the almonds on top.